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Scourge Amazonia (2013)

It really is quite astonishing that some of the most biodiverse regions of the world are being exploited for resources and none more profound than that of the Amazon in South America. 

Pic 1: Ridiculously amazing view (pic stolen from

The Amazon is the world’s largest tropical rainforest stretching across 9 countries and encompasses half the world’s rainforests. So species rich is the Amazon basin it contains a 10th of the worlds known species (WWF 2013) and yet it is being blitzed by deforestation. Land clearing makes way for massive cattle stations and crops such as soy beans grown for human consumption and ironically to feed the Brazilian cattle which then finds its way to the tables of Europeans, Russians, Eygptians and to the Middle East. So the demand for Brazilian beef in the Old World is responsible for the deforestation of the New. What an incredibly energy expensive way to put beef on the plates of Westerners.

Pic 2: Image predicting the extent of forested vs. deforested areas within the Amazon in 2050  if deforestation continues at its current rate (pic stolen from Soares-Filho et al. (2006). Modelling conservation in the Amazon basin. Nature 440: 520-523).

Also, the basin acts as one massive carbon storage centre (90-140 billion metric tons (WWF 2013)) which as it loses its capacity to store atmospheric carbon and is thus released through deforestation becomes a contributor to the Greenhouse Effect and a rise in global temperatures. The Amazon also contributes approximately 20% of the planets atmospheric oxygen (WWF2013) which just reiterates the point that we are one immensely stupid species. So to bring all these points together the message is clear... WE ARE EATING OURSELVES TO DEATH!

Scourge Amazonia (2013)

The Termite Horde lays waste to all life in its wake,
In a Cleansing of the Vital Mosaic

Out of Sight - Out of Mind
Scourge Amazonia

The Scourge that reaps the Great Gardens,
To quench the pallet of the Western Realm,
Ecocidal mania shreads the Lungs of the Earth,
To Feed the Cold Hunger of the Few.

Out of Sight - Out of Mind
Scourge Amazonia

Severing the Lines of Original People,
Shreading the Lands of the Old Ones,
Parasitise the Veins to Fuel the Masses,

Keep Feeding - Keep Feeding
Keep feeding... Till We grow short of Breath!

Out of Sight - Out of Mind

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